Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and wanting to get to know our office a little better.

Our law office strives to provide our clients with the best experience possible. We are aware of the nicknames lawyers have received over the year. Good news is, we’re  different. How?!

We believe family is important. And with that belief in mind, each one of our clients is welcomed into our family and treated as such. We strive to become a trusted legal advisor to you and your family, someone you can depend on.

Whether we are creating an estate plan or assisting with a divorce, we are always sure to follow up with our clients. If you are doing an estate plan, we offer reviews of estate plans three years from the date of creation (at no additional cost of course!). If we are coaching you through a divorce, mediating your divorce or assisting you with a child custody case, our office stays in constant contact.

Know what’s even better? Through our virtual law office, our clients can create their own login to easily access documents and start discussions with the attorney handling the case. If you click here you can create your own profile now.

Please be sure to sign up to follow our blog (its just to the right–>) and receive notices of any new and exciting news and tips!

Take a look around! Hope to talk to you soon!



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