“Intangible” Estate Planning– its not in the paperwork



Revocable Trust

Health Care Directive

Power of Attorney

You have probably heard these words a million times when it comes to estate planning. Those words are key in estate planning. They take your assets and distribute it to whomever you want in any amount you want, upon your death. And all of those documents are valuable and will be used and updated over your lifetime.

But, what about the intangible things you have accumulated over your life time?! How do you pass those on??

Here are some words that you should consider when you sit down to plan your “intangible estate”:

Values: Most of us have values and principles that we would like to pass on to our children. If you couldn’t see your children to adulthood, how would you pass on those values to them? For example, what is more important- money or health? Who would you consider your role model and why? Of all the things you have accomplished in your life, what gave you the most satisfaction? These are all things you can write down and keep with your tangible estate plan.

Personality: You know your children better than anyone else- their strengths, their weaknesses. If you were not around to raise you children, who could “click” with their personalities and help with their emotional needs?

Education: Do you have book smarts? Street Smarts? Common Sense? What is most important to you? How would you convey the importance of education to your children?

Passion: What issue or issues are you most passionate about?  Why do you care so deeply about these particular issues?  Would you expect your children to pursue a career they were passionate about or choose one that paid them well regardless of their personal interest or commitment? How do you see your dedication to these issues furthering the greater good?

Legacy: Do you know where your grandparents came from? Great grandparents?  Have you taken the time to write this information down for your children so they have a sense of tradition and family history?  What do you want your children to remember most about you? Have you thought about your legacy and what you want to leave behind for your loved ones and future generations, beyond the material things you’ve acquired? Any words of wisdom you have to pass on to them?

Traditions, story telling, heritage- are all things we might think of but are not included anywhere in our estate plan.

Think about these words and what is important to you, jot somethings down, it will help pass on your intangible estate and even better will help guide the guardian of your children should you pass before they become adults.

And, when you’re ready, set up an appointment with us for a planning session. It is never too early to prepare! Schedule a planning session with us by visiting our website, creating an account and scheduling an appointment online, or calling us at 650-503-3770.

Visit our estate planning attorney in San Mateo County, Santa Clara County or Alameda County.

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