Sesame Street says…..D is for Divorce


I came cross this article published by the Huffington Post today about Sesame Street’s new workshop geared toward explaining divorce to children.  It was also discussed here in the Times.

Divorce is always a tricky situation and its even worse where children are involved. It is important that children know they aren’t the reason for your divorce and that no matter what happens the child is still loved by both parents.

I think this new initiative is amazing and will allow children to see that just because their parents are divorced, doesn’t mean that they are “different” or “weird” or that they have parents that don’t love them- it just means their parents have “grown up problems”.

Encourage your children to talk about their feelings about your divorce and don’t speak negatively about the other parent in the child’s presence. And remember don’t make the child feel like they have to choose a parent- it’s ok for them to love both parents and want to spend time with each of them.

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